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Architectural Control Committee



CONTACT: ACC Chair -  see Contact Us tab under Home page


Owners wanting to paint their homes or make alterations or improvements to their property, excluding installation of solar panels or landscaping (removal of trees must be preapproved), must fill out an 'Architectural Control Committee Design Change Approval Form' (see below). For house painting requests, homeowners should paint a sample swatch (earth tones) on their house for the ACC Committee to review. The completed ACC Design form must be returned either to management or to a member of the ACC Committee, along with other pertinent information such as to-scale drawings and/or building permit, if required by the City of Prescott. All applications must be in writing as the Architectural Control Committee will not respond to verbal requests for approval.


Plans for implementation of proposed alterations or improvements should allow for time required to complete the approval process. No work may begin prior to approval. Additionally, should an application be submitted after work has commenced, the ACC Committee is not required to provide approval, and if said work is deemed to be in violation of the DRC's, the Homeowner shall be required to remove or change said alteration.


Architectural Control Committee

Design Change Approval Form

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