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Exterior Painting


Q-Do I have to get permission from the Architectural Control Committee when choosing the colors to paint the exterior of my house, even if it is the same color currently on the house?

A-Yes, all exterior painting requests must be submitted for approval to the Architectural Control Committee, even if it is the same color currently on the house. Use ACC form on page provided in Rules and Regulations section.



Q-How do we deal with excessive noise from our neighbor after 10:00 PM?

A-The Board contacted the City of Prescott about excessive noise complaints, and the City notified us that this issue is a civil matter (Title V: CHAPTER 5-4) which needs to be reported (documented) to the police. If you experience excessive noise issues; e.g., loud music, talking, excessive dog barking, after 10:00 PM and before 7:00 AM, please call the non-emergency police number shown below.

 General Police Non Emergency phone number: 928 445-3131

Provide your name and address so the reporting police can notify you of any action taken. It would be helpful if you could video/audio tape the noise while in progress, as often, the residents have quieted down by the time police arrive.  Please also talk with your other neighbors to see if they have experienced the same issues. If they have, ask that they follow this procedure also to report the issue.

You can also call the new Hotline see paragraph below.

The City of Prescott has installed a new hotline for citizens to report code enforcement, vacation rental, and sober-living home complaints. The hotline is 928-442-2633. This 24-hour/7-day service 'will allow the  city to be more responsive to complaints. . .If you do not wish to call the hotline, you may submit the information online at or by going to the city's website at and clicking on 'City Services" and 'Code Enforcement.' There will be a link to submit your complaint under the 'Reporting' section.

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