For your information, we have outlined below the Collection Policy for your Annual Assessment ('xx' equals year due)

  • 1/01/xx - Annual Assessment

  • 1/15/xx – Late Fee

  • 1/30/xx – 12% interest

Interest continues to be assessed monthly at 12% on the total amount of “assessments” outstanding.

  • 2/15/xx – Send a billing statement

  • 3/01/xx– Send an Intent to Report to Credit Agency/Monitoring Firms

  • 3/15/xx – Send to Credit Companies - $ 45.00 fee charged against owners account.

Continue each month adding the interest.

  • 6/15/xx – Send Intent to Lien

  • 7/01/xx– File Lien

  • 9/15/xx – Send Intent to Attorney

  • 10/01/xx– Send to Attorney


Below are the 2020 Financials.

2020 Budget

Financial Compilation

Statement for 2020: 

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