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See Association Rules under tab 'Rules and Regulations.' Sections 'Driveways and Walks' and 'Landscaping.' Homeowners are responsible for controlling weeds on their lot and along the concrete curb seams adjacent to their lot. This is also spelled out in Prescott City Code 8-3-1(A) (Daily Courier article copied to the right).  If you notice a front yard that has excessive weeds or other violation of the DRCs, please send an email detailing the violation and the full address where the violation occurred to a member of the Board (see Contact Us page). The Board will check out the situation and, if appropriate, will contract Tri-City Management to issue a notice of violation.


There appears to be issues with cars parking illegally within Willow Hills. It is illegal to park on the sidewalk side of our streets, to block driveways or block mailboxes. These are city streets, so please contact the Prescott police at 928 445-3131 to report parking violations.


Parking regulations are spelled out in: Prescott City Code: Chapter 9-1: Prescott Traffic Code - link:


The city has installed new, clearer signage in our neighborhood stating 'No parking this side of street.' The HOA will monitor anyone parking on the sidewalk side, and will place a standard notice on the windshield. If the car belongs to an Embry-Riddle student, we will also contact the Dean of Embry Riddle.

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