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  • All property owners who intend to lease their property in Willow Hills must comply with all City of Prescott codes and regulations for rentals, including, if required, obtain a City of Prescott Business License.

  • Prior to leasing the property, the owner of the property (homeowner) must provide the Association written proof of the owner's compliance with the registration requirements set forth in A.R.S. d33-1902 and a copy of the information filed with the Yavapai County Assessor. Such statute states that residential rental property shall not be occupied if the information required by the statute is not on file with the Yavapai County assessor.

  • An owner who lives outside this state must designate in writing and record with the assessor a statutory agent who lives in the state (A.R.S. d33-1902) and provide the Association with the name, address, and phone number of said agent.

  • This agent is authorized to act as the homeowner’s agent with respect to all association matters relating to the rental property, except for voting and serving on the board of directors. The Association is authorized to conduct all Association business relating to the member’s rental property through the designated agent.

  • All leases must specifically contain a clause that subleasing is strictly prohibited.

  • All leases must specifically contain a clause that the lessee has received a current copy of the Association Rules and Regulations and agrees to abide by them. All leases must specifically contain a clause that a violation of the Association Rules, Bylaws, and/or Declaration of Restrictive Covenants is a default under the terms of the lease.

  • The owner or their agent must submit a Willow Hills Homeowner Association Tenant Registration Form (see below) to Association management within thirty (30) days of occupancy. This form is also available from the HOA Management Company. See Contact Us tab.

  • The owner or their agent shall furnish the name(s) and telephone number(s) of the lessee(s)

  • The owner or their agent shall furnish the name(s) of all other occupants who are not named as lessee(s). Maximum number of occupants is set by the City of Prescott.

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Registration Form

Rental Requirements

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