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Rules and Regulations

Our Willow Hills subdivision has become a desirable residence here in Prescott, due to its location, residents, and highly maintained properties.  To ensure Willow Hills continues to be a comfortable and friendly neighborhood and to maintain all our property values, all homeowners and residents/tenants must abide by the following rules and regulations, provided to each homeowner upon purchase of their property. 

The following documents are attached:


  • Declaration of Restrictive Covenants (DRCs), current version 03/07/2001

    • Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CCRs), contained within the above DRC document.

  • Willow Hills Association Rules, current version effective 09/17/2019

  • Willow Hills Bylaws, current version  10/01/2018


Homeowners who rent their residences must complete and submit the WHHOA Tenant Registration Form (see Rental Requirements page) to our Management Company (see Contact Us tab). Homeowners who rent are also responsible for furnishing their tenant(s) with a copy of The Association Rules. Any violation of the Association Rules becomes the responsibility of the home owner.


The Willow Hills Board of Directors (BoD) is mandated to enforce these DRCs and CCRs equally to all homeowners. By adherence to these rules and regulations, each of us ensure our neighborhood remains safe, secure and visually pleasing, and our property values do not decline.


DCRs (CCRs) 03/07/2001

Association Rules 09/17/2019

Bylaws 10/01/2018

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